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Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙
Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙
Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙
Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙
Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙
Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙
Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙
Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙

Sweet Dreams Night Light 🌙

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Are you tired of kicking at the wall in the middle of the night to get to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, or stairwell?

Looking for a smart, practical, and energy-efficient night light to help your children overcome their fear of the dark?

This led night light was created to solve this problem!

This night light may be used in the living room, study, children's room, bedroom, corridors, kitchen, stairwell, and basement, among other places. To provide the greatest user experience, you can change your desired brightness on different occasions.

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The Warm white brightness may be adjusted easily with a sliding switch from 0 ln to 15 ln. You can select your chosen brightness on different occasions to provide the finest usage experience.

The night light will automatically switch on at night or when ambient lighting becomes insufficient, emitting soothing light that is easy on the eyes while bright enough to light up your way in the dark, thanks to the sophisticated dusk to dawn sensor.

This nightlight was well-designed by a senior designer and is little and elegant to attract your sight. It will not hinder the second outlet when plugged into any standard outlet. You will fall in love with this modest, gorgeous, and well-designed night light.

LED technology eliminates the need for bulb replacement and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The night light's highest power usage is under 0.5W, allowing you to save both energy and money.

Stay SAFE when traversing your home at night. There won't be any more bumps, knocks, bangs, or stubs. Your toes and shins will appreciate you whether you need to look after your children, use the restroom, feed the pet, or drink some water.


2 x Sweet Dreams Night Light