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Equi Blaster
Equi Blaster
Equi Blaster
Equi Blaster
Equi Blaster

Equi Blaster

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  • Bath time is cut in half
  • Shampoo is less expensive (Up to 60 percent less shampoo)
  • Any soap will do
  • Any garden hose can be used.

Why you need the Equi Blaster?


Mud, excrement, and perspiration will all go. The Equi Blaster is strong enough to penetrate deep into your horse's coat and thoroughly clean it.


Because of the Equi Blaster's innovative design, you can use up to 60% less shampoo than you would with a typical bucket of soapy water. It accomplishes this while still outperforming the bucket method in terms of coverage.


By eliminating the need to repeatedly bend over to dip your rag in a bucket, the Equi Blaster saves back pain.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it work with any hose?⁣⁣
Yes, we include a FREE adaptor in the box that you can quickly twist on or off to use the Equi Blaster with any and all garden hoses.

Question: Does it work with any shampoo?⁣⁣
Yes, any type of shampoo. ⁣⁣

Question: Does it really get into the hair?⁣⁣
Yes! With up to two times the pressure of a standard hose. It's not necessary to scrub on your hands and knees. Including grey horses! 

Question: How long does the shampoo inside last?⁣⁣
Continuously on for up to 20 minutes! On soap mode, the shampoo filters into the water, making it last longer and saving you money on shampoo! 3 wash sessions on average.


  • Weight: 311.84g
  • Color: Green/ Black/ Yellow


  • ⁣⁣1 x Equi Blaster
  • 1 x Hose Attachment